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Words from the Principal

Good morning,

As white clouds float lazily overhead in what feels like an early autumn sky, we hope this post finds you all rested and relaxed after a fun filled, family orientated summer holidays.

Here at the school we are putting the final additions on our preparations for the new school year. New lockers are being fitted into place, Chromebooks are finding their way out of bubble wrap, carpets and desks are setting back to life after the deep summer cleaning.

We’re thrilled to embark on this new academic year, and our joy begins by the welcoming back of one of our spectacular former teachers from parental leave, Mimmi Markström great to have you back☺!!

We would also like to welcome to the group Mr. Karel Hugo who will be teaching grade 7 SO this year. Welcome Karel, we are thrilled you are joining us.

Based on our discussions with the föräldraråd last year we have begun with the implementation of a few new initiatives. Malisa Klicke, our school curator, will have Life Skills classes with all grade 7 students this year. This is a preventative process aimed at informing the students and equipping them to contend with the various challenges of being a teenager.

As well we are expanding our after school activity program in the hopes of providing a more holistic and engaging learning experience for the students. This year grade 9 students will have the chance to travel to London (spoken word), New York (Model United Nations), Philippines for our Community and Service Program and Italy for our Young Entrepreneurs program.  These should be great learning adventures and we encourage you to sign your kids up.

This program will lend itself to ensuring a more connected and holistic learning experience for everyone involved.

As well, we have some formal calendar dates that we would like to present to you for your planning purposes:

August 22 – School start – 9:00 – 11:00

August 26 – 27 – Grade 7 trip to Barnens Ö

August 30 – All Parents Evening – 18:00-19:30

September 10 – 11  – School Photos

October 26 – In Service Day

October 29 – November 2 – Autumn Break

November 23– Gymnasium massan (for all grades)

December 21 – Jul Avslutning


January 7 – School Start

February 25 – March 1 – Sports Holiday

March 4 – In Service Day

April 15 – 19 – Easter Break

April 22 – Easter Monday

May 1 – Holiday

May 30 – 31 – Holiday

June 6 – National Day

June 13 – Avslutning

Lastly, being a parent of a teenager is, as you know, a deeply rewarding yet often exhausting experience. Children’s individual emotional needs are multifaceted and complex. Still, by employing some thoughtful tactics (The 80-20 Rule—80% of your communication is positive, 20% is negative, stop ‘’Should-ing’’ your child, avoid Flash Points) many families find that growth and development can be a shared agenda if the process is thoughtful and respectful.

For me personally, managing my own emotions while parenting is sometimes a difficult venture. I, like you, am so passionately engaged in the many areas of my life that I find my patience and communication with my kids can be less than ideal.

One way to keep one’s self focused is to resolve to approach your children in a more constructive way by making resolutions to yourself.

I resolve not to teach my children to have a happy productive life, but rather to help them choose a happy, productive day.

I resolve to help my children appreciate that there is no such thing as failure, only temporary results that they can use as feedback to determine their next step.

I resolve to parent in a way that demonstrates that I believe the only authority children take with them everywhere they go is their inner authority.

When I am stumped and don’t know how to respond to one of my children, I promise to ask myself, “What would love do now?” I also intend to listen internally for an answer.

I resolve to remember that “being right” doesn’t work.

Having a set of resolutions that I use as a reference point helps me to focus my energies on positive and loving communication instead of the general emotions that can come from a difficult week.

You can find some more parenting tips, and get a glimpse into what our training session will be about, by perusing the following websites:

As thrilled as we are with the building and the new staff and initiatives we have on the horizon the school remains quite and empty. It is a building, not a school. The only thing missing is the warmth, laughter and amazing energy of your fine kids.

I know they are probably enjoying their summer break but be rest assured that we have some fun, interesting and exciting processes planned out for them and are eager to get the ball rolling on this exciting new school year.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read folks and if you have questions, concerns or ideas how you could support our development please give me a mail or a call, or drop by for a coffee and a chat. Your opinion is golden to us and your engagement is often the wind that fills our sails, so please be vocal and active. The health of your childrens learning community depends on it.

Thanks again folks and I wish you all a warm and exciting 2018-2019 school year.