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Futuraskolan International Kottla is a grade 7-9 school that follows the Swedish National curriculum but with a strong international focus. We base our teaching on modern research and use the international teaching program the “International Middle Years Curriculum”. The program offers a combination of academic, personal and international learning that gives students the tools they need to meet their future challenges. We want to give our students a head start in life in the ever changing global arena.

In 2013 the PISA International Curriculum Assessment rated Futuraskolan International Kottla the 11th ranked school in the country. The following year Skolverket named us as the 5th rated school. It is from this ambitious academic approach that we work.

As “preparing future world citizens” is our ethos, we aim to:

– Establish a better understanding of other countries’ languages and cultures and facilitate the creation of lasting international contacts

– Make cultural comparisons and perspective based observations

– Encourage students to use foreign languages in a working capacity

When you enter Futuraskolan International Kottla you will be taken aback with the energy, dedication and respect that our fantastic students extend to their teachers and visitors of the school. With a strong Parents Association and a dynamic and experienced teaching staff we still find that the students impress us with their creativity, curiosity and intelligence time and again.

Our doors are always open and you our guest are always welcome to stop in for a visit and a chat.

Welcome to Futuraskolan International Kottla!


Contact us


Chris Mockrish


+46 (0) 767-24 26 27

Vice Principal

Jenny Proestos


+46 (0) 761-37 98 86

School Admin

Gaël-Alexandra Rosén


+46 (0) 731-54 43 36

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Kottlavägen 116C, 181 41 Lidingö

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What's for lunch?

Fredag - Vecka 49

Marinerad kycklingpanna med medelhavsgrönsaker, rostade rotfrukter & fårost
Kikärtsgryta med medelhavsgrönsaker, serveras med rostade rotfrukter & fårost

Torsdag - Vecka 49

Italiensk buffé Cannelloni fylld med kyckling & svamp. Serveras gratinerad med basilikasås & italienska sallader.

Onsdag - Vecka 49

“Veckans fångst” Serveras rosmarinstekt, med rostade rödbetor, chevre citronyoghurt & fänkålssallad
Krämig getospasta med rostade rödbetor,citronyoghurt & fänkålssallad

Tisdag - Vecka 49

“Elevernas val” Hamburgare med surdegsbröd, bacon, BBQ-dresssing, picklad lök, rostad lök, tomat, sallad & rostad kulpotatis
Veg-Burgare med surdegsbröd, BBQ-dresssing, picklad lök, rostad lök, tomat, sallad & rostad kulpotatis

Måndag - Vecka 49

Red Curry kycklingsoppa. serveras med jasminris
Red Curry soppa med bondbönor & veg-bites Serveras med Jasminris